Technical Difficulties

I was a bit delayed with the next installment of Wellness Wednesday and wrote it last night after dinner. Right after I hit "save draft" to preview and edit, the blog ate it! It disappeared! The autosave had last happened after I inserted pictures and before composing the post so there I was staring at a blank screen. And now, with that said, I'm throwing up my arms for technical difficulties and taking the rest of the week off.

Unfortunately this was our new blogging platform's last straw. We have not been pleased with the move and over the next few days Patrick is going to make some changes to get it back to the way we were blogging before.

Fortunately for you, aside from a few days of missing our ramblings, nothing will change except maybe a few visual features. The blog will remain at and will continue as you know and love it!

So come back on Monday for some meal planning! Hopefully there will be some happier Eibls too (it's draining my wellness :-p haha).

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