Mexican potluck

A few weeks ago we hosted friends for a Mexican potluck! You might remember it because we've already shared this Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake that we made for dessert. I couldn't let the whole evening go by without some pictures and a mention on the blog so here are all the goods.

The Spread

We had rice and beans alongside beef enchiladas and chicken tortilla soup.

The Bar

Everyone not only chipped into the food but also the bar! Someone brought tequila, another someone brought margarita mixer, and we picked up some various juice sodas to customize your margarita. Lime wedges and a plate of salt completed the margarita bar. 

The Table

Chips and salsa as well as sour cream joined the centerpiece for our munching pleasure throughout dinner. 

Friends, come back! We need more Mexican potlucks in our lives. 

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