Meal Plan Monday Post

Patrick and I are wrapping up painting the living room! Even though we're not done yet this feels somewhat like the culmination of the painting project! We have only 3 rooms left and one includes an extra DIY component so that seems like a whole other project. After the living room we will now finish painting all the doors, the kitchen needs to be painted (but we're leaning towards just painting the trim in there), and then the upstairs guest bathroom will need to be painted. The bathroom should be really quick! So like I said, it's almost like we can let out a big sigh of relief that the finish line is in sight. We can't wait to share pictures!

The dining room that we painted the weekend prior was wrapped up by Monday night so painting didn't creep into our weeknights this week. We cooked throughout the week and then took a casserole out of the freezer for our weekend painting meals! Check it out:

Meal Plan for Monday March 7 - Sunday March 13

Monday - Chicken tetrazzini leftovers (such a big casserole)
Tuesday - Balsamic roasted tomatoes and ricotta pizza, salad
Wednesday - Broccoli cheddar soup
Thursday - Crab cake sandwiches, cole slaw, roasted sweet potato fries
Friday - Ranch chicken tenders, green beans
Saturday - Breakfast Quiche with bacon, onion, mushroom, arugula 
   Dinner Manicotti from the freezer
Sunday - Leftovers all day long

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