Black bean soup

Last month we had a Mexican potluck! Patrick and I contributed black beans and rice as well as a Mexican Chocolate pound cake. There were a lot of black beans after the potluck and no one wanted to take home some leftovers. Not to worry, I thought, these'll make a great black bean soup.

The leftover black beans were in a loose liquid so to turn them into soup I simply warmed them in a pot and took a potato masher to the beans. I tried to mash about a quarter of the beans so that they would thicken the soup. The originally black beans were very well seasoned so I didn't add anything extra for the soup. I primarily wanted to thicken it a bit.

This turned into a great weekend lunch. We toasted a slice of sourdough bread with cheddar cheese to have with the soup and a sliced apple rounded out the meal! We typically eat our leftovers as is so it was fun to turn them into a little something different (although this really wasn't that different).

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