Meal Plan Monday Post

Hello all! We're a bit delayed with Meal Plan Monday today (sorry). I typically work on this post throughout the week updating it every few days on the laptop during the evening. Well this week the laptop was hooked up to the TV so we could access TBS for all of the NCAA Basketball Tournament games we wanted to watch - what a drag! Bring back CBS for all the games and bring back reasonable tip offs for EST folks too! After that mini rant I should definitely include Go Tar Heels!! They made suffering through all these late nights worth it as they have reached the Final Four!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday as well. We kicked it off with local friends on Saturday evening by hosting a neighbor potluck. Everyone chipped in for a traditional buffet that left us all with full bellies and happy chit-chat into the evening hours. On Sunday we spent the day with family as we traveled home for Easter lunch. There was equally delicious food and good times.

Meal Plan for Monday March 21 - Sunday March 27

Monday - Risotto and beets
Tuesday - Southwestern stuffed spaghetti squash, spinach salad
Wednesday - Balsamic chicken with cherry tomatoes and orzo, spinach salad
Thursday - Pork Lo Mein
Friday - Tried out the new Hope Valley Brewing Company which went into the old City Beverage spot
   Dessert at home Strawberry Shortcake
Saturday - Breakfast Buttermilk pancakes, sectioned oranges
   Lunch Leftovers
   Dinner Easter potluck with neighbors (leftover pan shot)
Sunday - Breakfast Grab and go
   Lunch Easter lunch with family
   Dinner Potluck leftovers

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