Meal Plan Monday Post

Happy March! We've been trying to eats lots of green things in preparation of the holiday this month. There were lots of vegetables in this meal plan but we can always do better. We had a fairly low key week leading up to Patrick's birthday on Friday. I surprised him by taking him out to his favorite sushi restaurant. Then no rest for the weary on the weekend - we trudged on with the painting! This weekend we worked on the dining room. On Friday I prepped several savory and sweet items for a tea shower on Saturday afternoon; I also prepped our weekend casserole. Since I knew we would be painting I made a large casserole for us to have on both nights!

Meal Plan for Monday February 29 - Sunday March 6

Monday - Turkey sliders, babaganoush hummus and veggies
Tuesday - Out of town
Wednesday - Deconstructed spinach ravioli
Thursday - Marinated chicken, sauteed kale, sweet potatoes
Friday - Patrick's birthday!! Out for sushi
Saturday - Breakfast Peanut butter and banana oatmeal
   Co-hosted an Afternoon tea shower
   Dinner Chicken tetrazzini
Sunday - Breakfast Ricotta pancakes, strawberry and kiwi
   Lunch Chicken salad, orange, dilly beans
   Dinner Leftovers

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