Wellness Wednesday - House Cleaning Schedule

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Today's post is venturing out into the environment and not so much our individual efforts towards achieving personal wellness like our past Wellness Wednesday posts have focused on. The environment I'm talking about is our home. In my mind the home is the base of wellness. If our home takes away from our wellness then all of our wellness efforts are in vain.

Today I'm sharing our housecleaning schedule! In a few weeks I've got a Wellness Wednesday post that will focus on what I'm housecleaning with.

Before I dive into the details of our housecleaning schedule I'd like to say that a housecleaning schedule (and one that I'm sticking to) is a new concept to me. As in my mom's jaw is probably dropping that this is the case. She was no clean house fanatic but I did grow up seeing her clean the bathrooms, vacuuming, and dusting somewhat regularly. It's been nearly ten years since I left home and have been living on my own - in college dorms, renting with friends, and now living with my husband in our own home! There was such a big transition from renting to owning to me. I have a stronger desire to keep my own home clean and decluttered versus the transient lifestyle of renting and moving every year or two. During those times I certainly wasn't keeping a dirty house but I just cleaned more when I noticed something needed it or company was coming.

With a routine housecleaning schedule I no longer worry about whole house cleaning binges because someone is coming over. I can confidently count on the house being clean, and with the exception of tidying a few areas like the kitchen table, couch, and coffee table, I can count on the house always being presentable. Some of this is due to tidying up after reading Marie Kondo's the life changing magic of tidying up book and then the rest is due to a routine housecleaning schedule! I'm also learning that by sticking to the schedule cleaning regularly has become maintenance. Regularly cleaning is less time consuming since it doesn't get too dirty. Wondering what exactly the schedule is?! Here it is...

And this is how we keep a clean house! I've broken down the weekly tasks to one a weekday which really makes things possible. The bi-weekly tasks are alternated each week and the monthly tasks are divided between the beginning and end of the month. I set up a google calendar just for cleaning and hide it from view. Each task is set with an email reminder and I can't delete it out of my inbox until it's done!

Even though I complete most of the cleaning tasks Patrick is always up for some cleaning if I ask him. Patrick pulls his fair share of housekeeping throughout the week by cleaning the kitty litter box every night. He apparently thinks that I don't do a good enough job cleaning out the box and he's got the only capable hands of perfectly scooping the poop.

Ever since I started this schedule I've really seen the benefits of a clean, decluttered house. I love having clean countertops and a neat living room. This makes the cleaning effort all worth it.

Cheers to home wellness!

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  1. Yes - my jaw is dropping! I did try to keep a clean house but I was not a fanatic. I am sure you remember times when I was cleaning like crazy (especially the front bedroom where everything ended up that I did not know where to store) when company was coming to spend the night. Keep it nice and it makes your life easier!