Caprese sandwich and wilted spinach-squash side

Patrick requested caprese melts the other weekend. Sometimes I'll ask him for meal plan requests and he pulls out the strangest requests but I'm always happy to oblige him! This is a good example of that as I'm not sure we've ever done caprese melts before! Oh! And now I remember what else was so strange about this request ... we have a white board on the refrigerator where I'll write the weekly meal plan so when it was a blank slate I asked him to put in something he would like. I turn back around and see that he's written caprese melts with roasted red pepper and garlic aioli. Silly Patrick, does he think I'm running a gourmet cafe in our kitchen?! I knew caprese melts were definitely do-able but if he wanted garlic aioli he would have to tackle that.

This caprese melt is more of a throw together. I originally thought I'd make it into a panini but then we were making this on a Sunday evening after his orchestra rehearsal and I was too tired for all that fancy stuff. So the mozzarella was toasted on the baguette and then basil, balsamic vinegar, and tomatoes were added to the baguette!

Served with a side of steamed squash and wilted spinach.

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