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September is rolling right along! We're having a very relaxed September - no travel plans and all our weekends at home to do as we please. We're taking advantage of these weekends at home and doing a lot around the house. This past weekend was working on the lawn. We mowed, aerated, and seeded the lawn. Hopefully we'll have some pretty new grass soon! Despite no travel plans we are keeping ourselves busy with fun local events. Last Thursday we went to an outdoor concert at the American Tobacco Campus, spent Saturday at the UNC football game, and then went to the 1 year anniversary party at The Glass Jug Craft Beer Store on Sunday afternoon! And here's the meal plan. I'm doing my best to keep cooking and having some splurges at these local affairs.

Meal Plan for Monday September 7 - Sunday September 13

Monday [Labor Day] - Brunch Tomato ricotta tarts
   Dinner Quesadilla leftovers from Sunday and homemade apple pie and ice cream for dessert
Tuesday Almond crusted chicken, fried okra, and spinach salad
Wednesday - Everything but the kitchen sink pasta... using up all the veggies in the fridge for this throw together pasta dish!
Pasta with red peppers, onions, roma beans, cherry tomatoes, and leftover almond crusted chicken
Thursday - Picnic at an outdoor concert: pimento cheese sandwiches, grapes, broccoli salad, blonde brownies

Friday - Pork tenderloin, sauteed apples, spinach salad
Saturday - Breakfast Hash brown frittata and pear
   Lunch leftovers
   Saturday dinner at the UNC football game
Sunday - Brunch hosted some Junior League ladies for a potluck brunch
   Lunch BBQ sandwiches at the Glass Jug 1-year anniversary party
   Dinner pimento cheese sandwiches and a plum

Happy Monday and happy meal planning!

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  1. I love reading these posts of your week and the menus. Please never stop posting!