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We were back in our cooking groove this week as we prepared dinner at home every night. We tried some new recipes (like the savory bread pudding), had some old favorites (like the honey soy broiled salmon - one we haven't done in awhile! - and the orzo with caramelized veggies), made some on the spot improvisations (we were out of eggs Sunday morning and we were supposed to have waffles with strawberries but that quickly turned into strawberry biscuits), and did some freestyle meals (caprese melts and spinach-squash side were both put together as we were cooking). We did treat ourselves to a weekend sushi lunch date which was nice and let us savor the weekend a bit. We were also quite busy in the yard this past weekend. We installed a rain barrel and began installing our DIY pallet compost bins! Read on for the meal plan:

Meal Plan for Monday August 24 - Sunday August 30

Monday - Savory bread pudding

Tuesday - Honey soy broiled salmon, black rice, roasted zucchini

Wednesday - Orzo with caramelized veggies and ginger
Thursday - Nacho night
Friday - Corn and basil risotto with scallops

Saturday - Breakfast Ate separately (we each had individual morning tasks)
   Lunch Sushi date at Sake Bomb
   Dinner Caprese melts, steamed squash and wilted spinach

Sunday - Brunch Strawberry biscuits and yogurt granola parfaits with peaches

   Dinner Mushroom farfalle

It's Always Caturday
Nacho naps

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  1. Wish I had those scallops tonight and also Nacho resting beside me!