Breakfast with cherry tomatoes

You may have noticed that Patrick and I really enjoy brunch! When I'm doing the meal plan I try to make one nicer weekend breakfast a more relaxing brunch with something we don't usually eat on the weekdays. Waffles, pancakes, quiches, and crepes are all in our rotation. And then sometimes we jazz up a weekday breakfast so it can be a more vibrant brunch - oatmeal and bacon and eggs, for example. 

On this particular occasion we were able to kick up bacon, eggs, and toast a notch. Artisan cherry tomatoes from our farm CSA and basil from our herb garden assisted us that morning. I viewed this as a loose "BLT" for breakfast - bacon, basil substituting for the lettuce, and cherry tomatoes.

Here's what we did:
   In a medium fry pan cook 4 strips of bacon. Remove from pan once at desired crispness. Fry 2 eggs in pan with a little bacon grease.
   Meanwhile, slice cherry tomatoes (~1/2 pint). Mix cherry tomatoes with minced fresh basil, small glug of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Also be toasting two pieces of bread.
   To serve top toast with eggs and bacon alongside. Spoon tomato mixture over the egg.

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