Meal Plan Monday Post

What a week! I thought we'd sail into August and have a super relaxing month... well August had different plans and before we knew it our calendar became busy! We definitely had to balance eating in and eating out since so many of our plans involved restaurants. What we did cook at home was on par for summer eating as it featured lots of fresh produce. We enjoyed a couple of meatless meals too. On Thursday we celebrated (early) two years of marriage with a fancy dinner at Revolution. Then on Friday we went to downtown Raleigh for an evening out with friends and over the weekend we stained our deck! Like I said - busy!

Meal Plan for Monday August 3 - Sunday August 9

Monday - Eggplant mozz melt, roasted sweet potato wedges

Tuesday - Roasted red pepper salad with baked cod

Wednesday - Neighbor brought over pizza and then we canned a peach rum sauce
Thursday - Tuscan dinner @ Revolution to celebrate 2 years (a few days early)

Tiramisu for dessert
Friday - First Friday art exhibit in Raleigh; dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe with friends
Saturday - breakfast Oatmeal with chocolate peanut butter and bananas, chia seeds

   lunch Ramen noodle bowl with peppers and arugula
   dinner Chicken tetrazzini
Sunday - breakfast Bagel sandwich with scrambled egg and arugula
   lunch Moe's Southwest Grill
   dinner Tomato gazpacho, cheese crackers, apple

Here was my farmers market haul from Monday afternoon! I took a trip over to Raleigh and the state farmers market. Peaches were for the peach rum sauce that we canned, tomatoes in the soup and also canned a salsa, red peppers in the salad, and some other goodies.

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  1. You are busy. All meals sound so good. Wish I had any of them for my supper tonight!