Meal Plan Monday Post

Another successful week using veggies from our CSA box! Our farm takes a little break in August between their spring/summer CSA and fall CSA subscriptions therefore we picked up our last box of the summer during this week. We'll be using August to reset the pantry and freezer to make sure things aren't getting pushed to the back. We tried a lot of new recipes this week (have to get creative with all the produce), something sweet, and also something we were familiar with. We did some traveling over the weekend - Patrick to a bachelor party in northern Virginia and Whitney to the Watermelon Festival - so some splurges on the food front were had.

Meal Plan for Monday July 27 - Sunday August 2

Monday - Pasta peperonata

Tuesday - Snapper, green bean and cherry tomato salad

Wednesday - Shrimp and edamame succotash, couscous; roasted strawberry buttermilk sherbet

Thursday - Basil peach chicken breasts, black rice, fried okra
Friday & Saturday - Patrick leaves for a bachelor weekend; Whitney to the Watermelon Festival
Sunday - Thai beef with basil

It's Always Caturday
... must nap on clean, folded towels

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  1. Love your menus and those adorable cats!