Tilapia and a side of kale

We're in the new house! No meal planning yet since we are still a bit frazzled with half unpacked boxes everywhere. However we've got a few meals and recipes to share from the past few months that were waiting to be published.

This particularly meal features tilapia and fresh veggies from our CSA. We decided to venture into the kale world and try the green for a meal; I think we both approved but probably won't start incorporating it into our favorite recipes. I found a recipe from Giada which turned out well. Forgive me for just simply linking to the recipe. Things are hectic here!

For the kale side dish
(saute green beans, mushrooms, and onions first then add kale)

For the tilapia
Made a quick spread of stone ground dijon mustard, chives, and a little mayonnaise. Then broiled it in our convection oven.

Don't worry, Mike. We've got the guest bedroom all ready for you when you visit!


  1. The seafood man was not at the farmers mkt today. I had planned to get fish. Not sure what I will do for supper now!

  2. Congratulations on your big move, you two! That's super exciting! I'm excited myself to see it. Sherri and I are moving to a new apartment on Wednesday and we're getting everything cleaned and organized and ready for the move. It is a very hectic time for us with all the additional distractions as well (work, school, weddings, Olympics, etc.)

    In honor of your engagement and our engagement and Fox and Angela's wedding and our move and Team USA at the Olympics, I decided to finally give in to temptation and make one of the recipes listed on your blog. So I overcame my apprehension regarding melting chicken and made the Melt-in-your-Mouth Chicken as posted on May 11, 2012. I will admit that I did not directly adhere to the proportions listed due to a combination of me not having enough mayonnaise and laziness. Also, instead of using seasoning salt and garlic powder, I simply used garlic salt. Two birds with one stone, right? Also, I added bread crumbs to the mixture cause I like bread crumbs. I put it in the oven and while the chicken was baking, I made angel hair pasta with tomato sauce and basil. I was very pleased with the meal, but Sherri could not stop raving about how great the chicken was, so on behalf of the both of us, thanks :)

    I am looking forward to expanding my culinary prowess through other recipes on this site and will most certainly comment on my successes and failures and everything in between.

    As an interestingly relevant side note, one of Sherri's med school friends invited us and a few other girls over for dinner at her place on Saturday night and she made tilapia and sauteed spinach with goat cheese - very similar to the meal listed above. I'm not usually too keen on tilapia but I was impressed with her variation. I will certainly try out of some your tilapia recipes next time I get it at the store.

    Can't wait to see you guys in a few days!