Garden Update

We're moving next weekend and hopefully our garden will like it's new home. Making sure there was a backyard for our container garden was certainly on our list when looking for the new place. Last month we did a little updating to our pots; here's what's growing now.

The heat had finally gotten to the lettuces so we emptied both of these containers.
All the herbs are doing fine. The basil and mint are our strongest plants. One of the black tray buckets had arugula in it and, like the lettuce, withered in the heat. That was to be expected though since lettuce is not very heat tolerant and more of spring / fall produce.
We went from one tomato plant to three! In the the center is our original "patio" tomato plant. We added a "lemon" tomato plant (on the left) and a "grape" tomato plant (on the right). You guessed it; the lemon tomato plant will produce yellow tomatoes and the grape tomato plant will produce grape-sized tomatoes. The yellow marigolds in the front will help ward off insects that love tomatoes.
In the old arugula tray pot (on the right) we planted two pepper plants; a yellow bell pepper plant and a banana pepper plant. 
Close-up of the peppers but there's so much green they're hard to see! So far the bunnies have been enjoying our yellow bell pepper plant leaves...


  1. You have inspired me with the container gardening. I know I want to try some herbs out on our deck.

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