Do you need some basil?

The basil is "pouring" in! It is really growing. The more you harvest, the more you get!

We cut all this off our plants the other week! And it's already full again. We find the easiest thing to do with basil (that will use a lot of it up) is to make pesto.

After we harvested the basil I removed the leaves from the stem. Then we tossed all the leaves into the salad spinner.

For a small batch of pesto, in a small food processor we combine a handful or two basil, some almonds, one garlic clove, salt and pepper, and olive oil until the consistency is to our liking. After the the processing we add in some grated parmesan cheese.

Typically pesto is made with pine nuts but they're a little pricier than almonds. On this particular pesto making venture we actually used pine nuts and found that they didn't alter the taste of the pesto very much.

Do you have a favorite pesto combo? Other herbs or nuts?

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  1. Maybe I can get some of your basil Monday when visiting! Can't wait.