Stuff's still growing!

As you recall we're growing a few things on the back deck. Refresh your memory here. Last time we had just worked on our herbs. Well now look at our "container" garden:

We've got herbs, salad leaves, one tomato plant, and lots of colorful flowers!

In the corner are our herbs. In the red buckets are basil, chives, and thyme. Rosemary on the very left in the little blue bucket, mint is below in the little yellow bucket, and the black boxes hold our basil seedlings and arugula seedlings. Then on the far right are colorful flowers!

You see our salad leaf boxes above and some more mature basil here. We actually cheated a little bit and bought some plants because we weren't sure if our seedlings would make it. At the Durham Farmers Market we purchased basil plants, spinach plants (in the picture on the left), and then a variety of leaf lettuce (romaine, red leaf, and butter crunch). Then the third box has our mesclun mix seedlings that are coming right along.
One small helpful bit of advice: if the forecaster forecasts frost, no matter how small the amount and how low the chance, do cover your plants! Even if the forecaster makes his forecast on the 11pm nightly news and you're tucked in bed. Unfortunately three of the basil plants there didn't make it through the frost and neither did many of our seedlings. If this happens you'll just have to make a post-frost trip to Lowe's and replace what you lost then you'll be back on track!

And here's one of our more colorful corners: pink geraniums, yellow gerber daisies, and purple petunias. Complete with a miniature hummingbird feeder!

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  1. The deck is gorgeous! I am going to try some herbs next I think.