Patrick Proposed & I SAID YES!

Have you heard the news?! Probably so but if not we're ENGAGED! We couldn't be more thrilled to share the news and a few details here. Then we promise to return to our regular blog posting as scheduled.

Last weekend we went to Asheville for a short trip. We liked the idea of taking a little spring getaway and that's exactly what I thought it would be (a little spring getaway). I certainly didn't suspect it would be what I look back on and remember as "our proposal" weekend but Patrick had other ideas up his sleeve.

We left Friday morning and went straight to our first destination: The Biltmore House & Gardens. We toured the house and then the gardens which was one of the particular reasons we wanted to go in April. The gardens were featuring a "Festival of Flowers" and we thought it would be really pretty. I had no idea while we were touring the house and the gardens Patrick had a diamond ring in his pocket! He didn't want to risk me seeing the box in his camera case so he slipped it into his "secret" pocket that morning.

The garden trails led to a nice pond with a rustic boathouse. We sat here for a bit to enjoy the view and then continued around to a waterfall where Patrick took advantage of such a serene setting to propose!

Our first picture as an engaged couple! This was taken about 10 minutes after our engagement by a couple who was on the waterfall overlook and saw the proposal.

Here's the diamond ring that occupied Patrick's pocket for the day.

We kept the news to ourselves for a little over 24 hours and then called our parents, family, and close friends! For more pictures and details follow this link to our photo album.

Just for fun and keeping with the blog we came home Sunday evening and fixed a light salad. We topped mixed lettuce with panko fried shrimp, garlic pepper snap peas, and a honey-dijon-balsamic vinaigrette.


  1. Let me begin by saying that congratulations are certainly in order, so Congratulations! This is wonderful news indeed and we dedicated and avid readers of your food blog have been eagerly anticipating this joyous occasion for many moons.

    I am absolutely thrilled by this news, and as the Deputy Vice President of the fourth largest Whit's Kitchen Foodblog Fan Club in the Eastern United States, I would like to wish both of you all the best on behalf of our fan club.

    As soon as I found out, I began speaking to my counterparts at the various Whit's Kitchen Foodblog fan clubs across the country and we have begun lobbying the Food Network to broadcast your wedding live. As long as you guys are on board, I think this could be a good thing for you and the many foodblog fans in the U.S.

  2. This blog is music to my ears! I am so happy!! You are a wonderful couple. Love you both!

    Oh and I love the comments from Eric!!!

  3. Patrick and Whitney, you have all my blessings and best wishes for your future plans! Thanks for sharing not only your recipes and cooking endeavors, but also the beautiful Biltmore garden setting for your proposal. Congratulations!


  4. Love these pictures! Beautiful ring!