My first sprig of mint!

I've harvested my first sprig of mint! I was enjoying a relaxing afternoon off and thought I'd like some tea with mint. So I cut off a mint sprig, washed it, and put it in my tumbler, like so...

Then I put some ice cubes into the tumbler (about 5-6). I placed my hand over the tumbler and shook it so the ice cubes would bruise the mint leaves and release its extract. While I was doing this I was brewing some black tea. Once your tea is brewed, put in your preference of sweetener to your liking, and then pour over the ice cubes and mint sprig, like so...

And here is your perfect summer afternoon refresher!
Here's a funny story about Patrick choosing our Tervis Tumblers:
I'm sure some of you wonder about the dynamics of our relationship; being that Patrick is a Blue Devil and I am a Tar Heel. Let's just say there are a guaranteed two nights a year one of us will be really upset and the other really happy (and we hope it's only two basketball games; luckily we didn't have any tournament meetings this season). We were enjoying a nice stroll through Macy's one weekend and decided it was finally time we invested in Tervis tumblers. As I was browsing through housewares I told Patrick to go pick us out some. Patrick comes back with one tumbler and of course it's a Duke one. When I asked him "where mine was?" he courteously turned around to get one for me... he came back with a second Duke one!!! Silly Patrick, I gave him a little look and traded that Duke tumbler for the better blue. And now we're each represented in the cabinet.

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  1. Tea looks good and so does glass. Prob looks good in Duke glass too(can't believe I am saying that)!