Spring Potluck

With warm weather abounding and lots of fun things to do, a "spring" themed potluck seemed like a no-brainer. Even though our offerings aren't as bountiful as they used to be since friends have been moving away, we still had plenty to eat!

An island full of spring food [from l to r]: ambrosia, roasted vegetables, grilled pineapple, and pasta primavera. 
Tim made ambrosia. To add an extra spring touch to it, he dyed the whipped cream purple!

Patrick roasted cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, and sliced asparagus. The vegetables were roasted with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and seasoning staples of salt and pepper.

Richard made pasta primavera complete with lots of colorful, spring vegetables including red onions, peppers, and sundried tomatoes.

I grilled pineapple (on the grill pan) and made a vanilla fruit tart; stay tuned to the blog for that recipe and pictures later!

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  1. Everything looks delicious as usual. Glad you are still doing your potluck dinners.