Salad bar assist

Popping in today with a short blog post and a quick idea for a weekend lunch or light dinner - it's a salad bar assist from your local grocery store.

A few weekends ago Patrick and I were both home doing an assortment of things and were getting hungry. My meal plans do not typically include three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for both Saturday and Sunday. I do my best to have some heavy snacks on hand and bread to make sandwiches. Our weekend days are usually a late brunch, afternoon snacks, and then dinner. On this particular day I was going to the grocery store on the weekend and knew afternoon snack was quickly approaching. Knowing we had some lettuce in the fridge I decided to get some salad bar toppings at the grocery store to bring home for an entree salad.

Patrick wholeheartedly approved! My assist from the salad bar included boiled eggs, cucumbers, chicken strips, cheese, orzo with sun-dried tomatoes and capers, and seafood salad.

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