New Corningware

In an effort to reduce our plastic tupperware usage we purchased this Corningware oversize mug set with covers. I read this Mother Jones article ("The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics") about BPA-free plastic and did some follow-up googling / research about it. This gist of what I learned is that companies aren't revealing what they've replaced the BPA with in their plastics now so really the substitute for BPA could be just as bad or worse than BPA.

A few years ago Patrick and I tossed all our mismatched leftover containers and purchased one of those sets where all the containers nest and the lids snap together. It was amazing. Well now a few years later those plastic containers are really starting to degrade with cracks.

The wear and tear on the plastic containers coupled with the fear of the unknown in plastics made it a good time to invest in ceramic leftover options. This Corningware oversized mug set fit the bill! They are 2 cup sizes which is perfect for our leftovers.

We're slowly working on ridding the kitchen of plastic. One big change we've made is using mason jars for smoothies. Aside from leftovers the plastic tupperware containers are also used for freezing chicken stock. I'm working on figuring this out. So like I just said - it'll be a slow change to become plastics free but we'll get there eventually.

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