Melina's Fresh Pasta

Last year for Patrick's birthday I surprised him with a pasta making class hosted by Melina from Melina's Fresh Pasta. If you're local and interested in pasta making we loved the class and would highly recommend it - here's the post we shared about it (mentioned towards the end)!

Melina's Fresh Pasta products can typically be found throughout the area at local farmers markets, through some of the co-ops, and a few of the local food home delivery companies. The past few months we've been giving Papa Spud's a try which is one of the local food home delivery companies that supplies Melina's Fresh Pasta. There was a groupon to try Papa Spud's and I thought it would be a great way to bridge the gap from the end of our CSA season to when it began. Now that our CSA has started back I'm not sure if we'll be double dipping into the various produce box programs ... but I digress, back to Melina's!

The other week when I was completing our Papa Spud's requests I thought it would be a great opportunity to try some ravioli from Melina's Fresh Pasta! Much to Patrick's surprise I tried a fig and gorgonzola ravioli - being adventurous! The products come frozen so we had the option to toss it into the freezer and save it for a "rainy" day when everything was falling apart and we needed a quick kitchen meal.

Well that rainy day came much sooner than we expected! We prepared the ravioli the same week it arrived. I think we were just drained from a busy weekend and start to the week and just needed an easy meal! We served the ravioli on top of spinach so it would wilt a bit and drizzled the plate with a little evoo and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese!

So good, so easy! We may need some more Melina's Fresh Pasta on hand to save us from those "rainy" days!

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