Meal Plan Monday Post

When I shared our first meal plan in May I mentioned that the month started with a bang and it isn't letting up! Before we know it we'll be wondering where it went and trying to slow down for June. Despite a seemingly free schedule at the beginning of a week, things just pop up and all our nights are full before we know it!

We did takeout two nights this week which is very unusual for us. On Thursday we attended an informal seminar after Patrick's work and when we got home after 7pm we were just really tired. Unfortunately everything on the meal plan (for that night and subsequent nights if I had wanted to switch) was a bit too intensive on the prep and cooking time. Then over the weekend we had a day trip get cancelled so that meant throwing together all the meals for that day! We managed to rummage through the fridge and pantry for breakfast and lunch but had to call in some assistance for dinner. We also worked in the yard all afternoon doing some back-breaking work and earned our pizza!

We'll challenge ourselves not to do any restaurants this coming week! Without further ado here's our week:

Meal Plan for Monday May 11 - Sunday May 17

Monday - Dijon salmon, mac-n-cheese, steamed broccoli

Tuesday - Creamy fettuccine with brussels and mushrooms

Wednesday - Turkey zucchini meatballs, black rice
Thursday - Chinese takeout
Friday - Beet risotto with chard and brie

Saturday - Brunch at Parker and OtisPippin at DPAC
Dinner Leftover risotto
Sunday - Breakfast Cheesy grits with eggs, salsa, and avocado
Lunch Mixed greens salad with pear, brie, and almonds; pimento cheese crackers on the side
Dinner Pizza takeout

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