Seared tuna, brown rice

We hope you made the transition over to The Eibls this morning! Hopefully there won't be any black out days while we move over drafted posts and get everything scheduled over here. We're excited to share with you this new blog! And now on with our regularly scheduled programming...

Patrick had a birthday! At the beginning of the month we celebrated it with a low-key dinner at home (on his actual birthday which was midweek) and then hosted a fun Beer & Cheese Tasting party with friends the following weekend.

The day before his birthday I went to Guglhupf, his favorite local bakery, and purchased an apple danish, one of his favorite pastries! So he woke up to this sweet surprise and then for dinner I had planned one of his favorite meals, seared tuna with spring rolls and sake. It felt good to be able to celebrate my husband's birthday with all his favorite things!

Since these were all favorites you might can imagine that we've blogged them before! So here are the posts:
Brussels sprout spring rolls [loosely followed]
   We saute shredded carrots and Brussels sprouts in a little olive oil. Once softened we add freshly grated ginger and soy sauce. Then we roll them in spring roll wrappers. And for this particular evening I had found brown rice spring roll wrappers!

Served with a wild rice blend

And then I surprised him with cupcakes! We have recently had a cupcake bakery open up near our neighborhood (so it's too new to be a favorite yet) and I thought it would be appropriate to get Patrick some cupcakes. I knew we would be making cupcakes for the beer and cheese party and didn't want to make cupcakes right before that.

I did, however, try to pick out a favorite flavor! Sometimes it can be hard to predict what flavor he would choose at a cupcake shop but I went with red velvet cake and cookies-n-cream. He said he approved of the picks!

It's Always Caturday
Dupree curious about stove top popcorn making

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