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We've got an exciting week of blog posts coming up. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday posts will feature our recent endeavors in the "make ahead" breakfast world. Make-ahead breakfasts seem to be all the rage these days - I see them featured on news media segments, Pinterest, Facebook, magazines, the paper, and so many other places!

I found a few recipes for us to try and then we set aside one weekend afternoon to prep them. We made breakfast burritos and egg muffins. Patrick wondered why we were making so many but I liked going ahead and getting them all done in one afternoon versus dedicating another afternoon to the second recipe. As mentioned earlier those recipes will go up on the blog in the next few days.

In this post I've got a few pictures to share from that day and then also a few blog links to past breakfast recipes we've shared to give you an idea of what our weekday breakfasts are like!

Browning sweet Italian sausage for egg muffins;
sauteed veggies on the back burner for burritos
Veggie prep - spinach for egg muffins, mushrooms to dice for egg muffins,
red pepper to dice for burritos, and a trash bowl (far right)
Final stages of cooking before assembly - Dupree was the sous chef!
So what are weekday breakfasts like at the Eibl House? They're fairly simple and some quicker than others! You know we like breakfast since we share so many weekend brunch recipes and the weekdays are no different (just not as fancy) because we know skipping breakfast isn't a good idea! Here's a look at what we typically have at our disposal on a weekday morning:

Pantry items - English muffins or bread for toast, dry cereal
Smoothie items - Frozen fruit, yogurt, protein powder, and milk
Other items - Eggs, frozen muffins

Patrick loves English muffins or toast and it eats that quite a bit. Dry cereal is a distance second choice for him but I like it. We've been doing smoothies quite a bit more recently; sometimes as much as twice as week. [Here's our post on smoothie prep] We are enjoying the egg muffins and breakfast burritos but they take a bit more time to get warm since they're frozen (unless we put one in the fridge the day before). Another breakfast item we've been enjoying are overnight oats; these are by far the quickest breakfast option. We soak old-fashioned oats in milk and yogurt overnight and they're ready to go in the morning - a post on overnight oats will be featured on Friday!

And finally one other breakfast item at our disposal are frozen muffins. Whenever I make muffins these days I make the full recipe instead of halving it so that we can freeze leftovers. Once the muffins have cooled I wrap individual muffins in plastic wrap, label them, and put them in the freezer; I do this with about half the batch and leave the rest for us to eat that week. 

Here are muffins we've featured before that made it into the freezer: Zucchini chocolate chip muffinsHealthier banana muffinsApple muffinsBlueberry muffinsPumpkin muffins, and finally Sweet potato muffins.

What are some of your breakfast tricks? Have you tried any of the "make ahead" recipes??

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  1. Our make ahead recipe is the one with English muffins and the "jar of cheese". I want to try some of your recipes. Our main breakfast if cereal and fruit, though.