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So much snow! We can hardly believe all this wintry weather that has been happening the past few weeks. It is definitely throwing us for a loop. Fortunately we haven't lost electricity and I've been able to squeeze in grocery trips between storms so we can stick to the meal plan. This past week for the food challenge was incorporated whole grains and we've already switched most everything over so no major adjustments for the meal plan. I had a few goof ups - we had fried shrimp and I forgot to swap out the all-purpose flour in the breading to whole wheat but I did manage to use whole wheat breadcrumbs! And then on Saturday we splurged with cinnamon rolls.

Week 7: All grains consumed must be 100% whole-grain.

As I just mentioned this week's food challenge wasn't very challenging for us. I imagine we could have skipped it. The only refined grain we have in the pantry is flour. Moving forward in the future I would like to do more research on using whole wheat flour. We do have whole wheat flour which we do use occasionally. Other than flour we've already switched our bread, English muffins, rice, and pasta to whole wheat. There are probably a few offenders in the pantry but for the most part we are consuming whole grains.

With the whole grain challenge in mind I purchased a loaf of sprouted grain bread this week. If you're unfamiliar with sprouted whole grains then I will pass you along to this insightful article from the Whole Grains Council. I had heard about sprouted grains a few times recently (and maybe it's the next fad healthy "buzz word") but my googling research seems to show that the benefits of sprouted grains don't overwhelmingly outweigh those of whole grains - they are comparable. I look forward to learning more about sprouted grains! And in the meantime I'll be finishing the sprouted grains loaf because it wasn't Patrick's favorite.

Meal Plan for Monday February 23 - Sunday March 1

   Monday - Nacho Night
   Tuesday - [whole wheat] Spaghetti
   Wednesday - Shrimp, coleslaw, baked potato
   Thursday - SNOW DAY
      Lunch Broccoli cheese soup
      Dinner Honey cranberry chicken, asparagus, black rice
      Made blueberry muffins
   Friday - Crockpot maple pork chops
   Saturday - Brunch Breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls [with the neighbors]
      Dinner Leftovers
   Sunday - Brunch Leftovers
      Dinner Shiki Sushi for Patrick's birthday

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  1. We do pretty good with this challenge, too.