Pizza and Fall Greens

Patrick and I enjoy homemade pizzas. You may have noticed they were on the monthly meal plan posts quite a bit but they never actually happened. I included the monthly posts as they were planned and not what we actually ate. So I'd been planning homemade pizzas for awhile and they finally came together on a wonderful fall night!

We usually do homemade pizzas with a pesto or olive oil base but Patrick comments every now and then that he'd like to make them with a traditional tomato sauce. Being the loving wife I am, I listened and bought some traditional tomato pizza sauce for him this time! We divided the dough into quarters for four individual pizzas and topped them with the sauce, mozz, pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions.

These were make your own so we were able to have a little fun that night. Patrick fixed pizzas on the left and I fixed the other side. We made four so that we could each have a leftover pizza for lunch at work the following day. 

As you can see we dusted the pan with cornmeal before placing the dough down. After assembly we baked them in a 450F oven until golden and the cheese was melty (about 10-12 minutes). 

The mini pizzas were served along side a salad with fresh fall greens straight off the back porch! In September I planted some buttercrunch and romaine lettuce and this was our first harvest.

The dinner was enjoyed by tiki torch light out back. It was a gorgeous fall weekend night before temps had dipped down into the 30s. Wonderful way to cap off the weekend!

Cat pic time!
Dupree stretching

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