Breakfast Croissant Sandwich

If you remember everything we write perfectly, you'll recall that we hosted a brunch with Romin and Mimi back on Sunday, August 31st (Whitney mentioned it here). They brought a box of tasty croissants to share, but we didn't consume all of them. The next day was Labor Day, which was great because we were able to enjoy our regular Sunday routine of making breakfast and reading the paper that we had skipped in favor of the company of our friends.

Without a specific Monday breakfast planned, this was the perfect time for a "throw-together" meal, for which the leftover croissants were a great inspiration. Whitney ended up toasting the croissants with some cheddar cheese and topping them with an egg and some bacon and avocado we had on hand. She's been making an effort lately to make sure we have enough fruit in our diets, so this time we had a sliced peach on the side. It was delicious and the perfect end to a fun, busy weekend of acquiring kittens and socializing with friends.

The kittens were still skittish enough at this point to not disturb our paper and food

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