Meal Plan Monday Post

Fun weekend behind us! UNC's Homecoming was this spent weekend and I had the distinct pleasure of having my dearest and bestest friends come in to town for the occasion! Despite the cold weather we all stayed warm and enjoyed the Carolina fellowship.

Here's the meal plan from last week!

Meal Plan for Monday November 10 - Sunday November 16

   Monday - Took lasagna out of the freezer
   Tuesday - Asian soup leftovers from the weekend
      My absent-minded self forgot to put noodles in the soup on Saturday so we reheated the leftovers and added in the noodles (was much better)
   Wednesday - Chicken and kale pasta bake
   Thursday - Porkloaf with broccoli and quinoa
   Friday - Mellow Mushroom with UNC folks
   Saturday - Breakfast Grab-n-go: apple muffins and sausage balls (made Friday)
      Football game
      Dinner Fajitas and fondue dessert
   Sunday Breakfast City Beverage brunch
      Lunch Birthday party for JR
      Dinner Salmon cakes, macaroni and cheese

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  1. Need some pics of the week-end and friends!