Meal Plan Monday Post

Back to the weekly meal plans! Nothing too exciting happened last week in regards to meal planning. The homemade orecchiette on Monday night was a bit of a fiasco (more on that later in it's own post). Election Day was Tuesday and we both exercised our right to vote! Speaking of a fiasco, we had last minute planned an impromptu sushi lunch date the week before with the intention to early vote afterwards but for some reason the polling place didn't open until 2pm that afternoon! At least the sushi was good.

Without any more chatter, here's the meal plan

Meal Plan for Monday November 3 - Sunday November 9

   Monday - Homemade orecchiette with roma beans
   Tuesday - Steak, sauteed mixed greens, delicata squash
      Election Day
   Wednesday - Had intentions for this but forgot it calls for an 8 hour marinate time Marinaded chicken with sauteed kale so we "threw together" orzo with browned ground turkey (from the freezer) with zucchini (forgotten about in the crisper), onion, and kale so it was good to use up those things
   Thursday - Pork chops with bok choy
   Friday - Salmon with green beans, quinoa
   Saturday - Breakfast Baked oatmeal
      Dinner Spicy mushroom Asian soup
   Sunday - Breakfast Frittata
      Dinner Loaded stuffed baked sweet potatoes

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  1. Proud of you for voting. We did, too. Sorry we couldn't keep Kay Hagan in. We have been roasting veggies a lot since you and Patrick taught me how. The other night had potatoes, turnips, red pepper, and mushrooms. Was delicious. On a separate cookie sheet but in the oven at the same time I cooked and apple - halved with core out, drizzled with evoo, some sugar and cinnamon. Was really good. Ate for dessert.