Sharing a Meal Plan

Recently I've been devoting more time on my days off to figure out a meal plan until my next day off. This allows me to get everything on one trip to the store and eases the pressure off Patrick to figure something out over the weekends. Now he only has to cook it! I usually figure out the meal plan and email it to Patrick with the days and the meals. If the meal is new then I will hyperlink to the website so he can look at it.

This particular week was the last week in August leading up to Labor Day weekend. If I have the day off I might plan something a little more intensive and start working on it before Patrick gets home. If I have to work then I will plan something that can come together a little easier. Here's what I emailed Patrick:
Wednesday -- Crab meat Mac and Cheese with arugula salad or something light
Thursday -- off at 6:15; Hungry Jack (this good for your "burger"?)
Friday -- off at 6:15; having Tim and Richard over for dinner at 7:30 Crockpot BBQ Chicken, slaw, fruit (thinking pineapple / watermelon), chocolate silk pie
Saturday -- off at 7:30; Marie visiting
Sunday -- Marie visiting; day at lake
Look into one of these casseroles to bring with us: Chicken Tetrazzini, Chicken with rice and mushrooms Also what time are you wanting to get down to the lake? Want to do late brunch here in Durham and snacks at the lake in the afternoon? Or leave here early and do lunch at one of those cute lake front cafes?

On Wednesday (my day off) I experimented with a seafood mac and cheese that was inspired by Ina Garten. I actually made the mac and cheese in little ramekins during the afternoon then refrigerated them until Patrick got home. For all the details check out the post from last week. While I was preparing the macaroni and cheese I browned a pound of hamburger for Thursday night.

On Thursday I made one of Patrick's favorite, Hungry Jack casserole. As you can see in the email I asked Patrick "this good for your "burger"? ... I try to incorporate his wishes into the meal plan and ask him if he has any requests before I meal plan. Sometimes he has specifics and other times he just might say "something with hamburger in it". Thankfully Hungry Jack met that condition. Here's that recipe.

On Friday we had one some friends over! As you can see I specifically remind Patrick we have plans and then share the menu. We actually made the chocolate silk pie Thursday night. This got posted last week too!

Then Patrick's mom, Marie, visited over the weekend! She planned a Saturday thru Monday trip. I didn't plan too much here since we weren't sure what we were doing yet. I actually had to work Saturday so Patrick ended up giving Marie a tour of downtown Durham to show her all things related to the wedding! Sunday we took a leisurely drive down to Lake Gaston where we spent the afternoon with my parents and grandparents. I had asked Patrick to be in charge of preparing some sort of chicken casserole to bring down with us to the lake on Saturday. He didn't listen... we made chicken tetrazzini Sunday morning!

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  1. The casserole was delicious, and we enjoyed the visit with Marie so much.