Fall Appetizer

Do you need a fall / holiday appetizer staple? Well look no further than this blog post! I have done this at least three times this season. The first of which was a fun little dinner get together with the Nicolaysen's, then Granny and Poppa stopped to visit the house, and finally for a Thanksgiving potluck with friends (more on this to come in a few days).

First go buy some Irish coffee mugs at Crate and Barrel. This is optional but they are sooo cute!!
Second warm apple juice in a saucepan with a cinnamon stick and orange slices stuck with little cloves. Bring to a simmer and serve warm.

Third get your cheese and cracker platter ready. I served ritz whole wheat crackers with cream cheese and a selection of jellies (one sweet and one with a little kick). Side note there will be a cracker tray on our registry because the large platter just doesn't look right!

Lastly light the candles and get ready for your guests!

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