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I just wanted to share with y'all another example of meal planning with Patrick. It's really made meal time easy and eliminates all the "well I don't know what I want for dinner, what do you want" back and forth. The decisions are made and we can started on dinner right when get home from work since I've already been to the grocery store and already have the supplies.

So I sent Patrick an email...

Hi love! Here's the menu for this week:

Tues 9/25 (off) fish/salmon with sauteed squash and red peppers
Wed 9/26 (off) engagement photos, eat out with Mom
Thurs 9/27 (off at 615) potato soup leftover or tortellini (?) think Mom
and Glenda will do early supper so they can catch 7pm movie
Fri 9/28 (off at 615) ny strip with sweet potatoes, arugula salad (from CSA)
Sat 9/29 (off at 730) pasta with goat cheese and zucchini (from CSA)
Sun 9/30 (off) carrboro music festival
Mon 10/1 (off at 615) Crockpot honey sesame chicken with green beans (from CSA)

Proposed CSA
2 zucchini $1.50/lb =$3
arugala $2.50/bag
green beans $2.50/lb
ground pork $4.00/pk
butternut squash $2.00/each

Also have milk on the list; let me know your requests asap!

By making the meal plan I'm also to make sure we're eating a range of fish, chicken, meat, and veggie dishes. As you can see in the meal plan there is fish, red meat, meatless night, and chicken along with a few out to eats and leftovers.

On Tuesday the plan was fish/salmon. This meant that I wanted salmon but would purchase whatever looked good at the fish counter. I usually try to plan seafood as early as possible in the meal rotation so that it is fresh from the store. Seafood seems to be the easiest menu because we usually just have a simple preparation of a veggie (try to utilize something from the CSA) and then if we want to add a grain, we do.

On Wednesday we took engagement pictures... and ate banana muffins. It's a little ironic that Mom is also visiting this weekend. Hopefully she has a few printed pictures with her and we can hang some very soon! If you're curious we ended up eating at California Pizza Kitchen for supper. (It's one of Patrick's favorites.)

On Thursday Patrick needed to eat fast so he could get to orchestra practice. Since Mom and Glenda were still in town I met them at Southpoint again. Patrick had leftovers from the crockpot potato soup.

On Friday we utilized things we had which makes grocery shopping really cheap. Mom has kindly been bringing us all natural beef from the Lane Angus Beef Farm when we request it (thanks Mom!) so we have a few steaks, ground beef, and roasts stocked away in the freezer. Then the arugula was from the CSA.

On Saturday we went back in the blog vault and made a veggie dish.

On Sunday we ventured to Carrboro for a fun music festival. We're on the hunt for a reception band! We didn't find one and decided to eat sushi at Akai Hana instead.

On finally Monday we pulled out the crockpot!

Whew! That's a lot of planning. Do you have any meal planning tips?

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  1. Beef is really good and as you taught me - healthier for us.

    Like your menu planning.