Mom's Pork Chop Casserole

It's finally made it to the blog: Mom's pork chop casserole that I couldn't ever quite seem to get right. This was one of Mom's go-to recipes and I always enjoyed it; the rice is so moist and the pork chops are quite tasty. I have attempted this a few times without much success. One time I forgot to put the extra liquid in the rice so it was anything but moist. The next time I used boneless pork chops and they weren't moist or tasty either. But finally I got it right! And finally Patrick approved and said I could continue making it.

Brown Rice & Pork Chops
1 cup rice (not instant)
   Mom recommends using Uncle Ben's
1 - 10.5oz can beef consomme
4-6 bone-in pork chops

Preheat oven to 350F.
Mix rice, consomme, and water (refill the consomme can and use that amount) in 9x13 pan.
Place pork chops on top of rice mixture. Cover with aluminum foil and poke a few holes in there.
Cook for an hour or until liquid is soaked up; remove foil first 30 minutes.

We served with homemade apple sauce and green beans.

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  1. yes, this is one of my favorites. Easy, too, once you get it right! Glad you had success.