Fall Squash and table decorations

Patrick and I have really been experimenting with the fall squash this season. Our CSA has all sorts of things to choose from. This is our second fall season so we felt comfortable with some from experimenting last year but we branched out even more this year. And now for the first time on the blog we're playing a game! It's called...

Name That Fall Squash!

From L to R: A, B, C, D. Answers at end of blog. 

While we were busy fixing all these squash I also had a beautiful fall table set. We also had decorations outside (pumpkins and then jack-o-lanterns) but unfortunately they got moldy before we took pictures.

Here's the dining room table! I purchased a new autumn tablecloth, placed a bamboo style place mat in the center, and then centered a large pumpkin candle holder in the center flanked with smaller candles.

I purchased the autumn tablecloth to use for our Thanksgiving potluck (more on that tomorrow). I set up a 4" square folding table and needed a smaller tablecloth for it but I wanted to make sure I could use it after the potluck. I knew the measurements would fit (70" round measurement) but didn't really think about the sides. When I placed the small round tablecloth on the dining room table and realized it was lacking in the corners I decided to put a regular red one under (probably measures 60"x84").

Name That Fall Squash! Answers:
A. pie pumpkin, B. butternut squash, C. acorn squash, D. buttercup squash
How many did you get right?

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  1. Great decorations. Did not pass the test!