Introducing...Spode Christmas Tree!

December is finally here! And it wouldn't be Christmas without a tree now would it?! So here it is!

Since we love cooking so much Patrick and I decided to start a collection of a Christmas pattern. We settled on the classic Spode Christmas Tree. Even though it's an old pattern (first introduced in 1938) and not necessarily unique we were still drawn to the wonderful Christmas scene. It's a popular pattern and we'll be able to add pieces throughout our lifetime. We've started off with a 12-pc set and who knows where we'll end up! I can't wait to find out. (Maybe we'll end up with 700 pieces like this lady but Patrick says no.)

 It's so much fun to fill your plate and uncover the beautiful design underneath. For our first meal on the plates we served pan-seared scallops, wild rice, and sweet potato. For the sweet potato, I microwaved it on the potato setting then peeled it and sliced it (could've been a bad idea as the potato was very hot to handle). Then drizzled with a little evoo and salt & pepper to serve.

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  1. Love this entry! The tree is gorgeous. The china, too. And now I am hungry for scallops.