200th post!

It's our 200th post!! Cheers to good food and learning our way around the kitchen. We don't have a recipe for this post but a few cutesie animal photos and a small request. First, the request:

Take our survey! [click here] Hopefully in the next month or so you'll notice a few changes. We've got some loose plans to alter a few things and make other things better. We'd like your input to make things even better and cater to our readers (we do have some, right?). There's only three questions so it won't take up too much of your time.

Now on to the cutesie photos! We were surrounded by lots of puppy and kitty (and goldfish) love this Christmas. Each picture will have a caption explaining its love!

Lucky the Goldfish
Lucky is almost 1 1/2 years old and a nice, healthy goldfish that likes to eat and grow! Since he has grown so much Santa brought him a new aquarium for Christmas. It's not quite done so we'll have to post a new picture later. 

We invited my dad up for a holiday meal and he brought along his companion. P.D. is so sweet and cleaned up the floor for us! We fixed lasagna and salad for Dad. 

I had the pleasure of kitty sitting over the holiday. All the roommates were out of town so I volunteered to watch TJ and Artie's kitty while they were out of town too. Lucien kept me company and didn't let any strangers come in the house. We had so much fun together!

Helo is the little head honcho around the house. He visited Mississippi with Tim over the holidays. Once he returned he reclaimed his roost after inspecting the rest of the house and all the other weird animal scents. 

Pebbles at home
I was able to go home for Christmas Day and enjoy the holiday with my family. Of course that also means I opened some presents. Pebbles, one of our kitties at home, had a present with his name on it but he couldn't quite stay awake to open it.

We're looking forward to 200 more posts and lots of fun cooking endeavors. Thanks for reading! Maybe there will be more comments on the next 200. :-)


  1. This is one on my favorite blogs ever. Love all the animals pics. Must admit I am partial to Pebbles, though!

  2. Just completed the survey! Looking forward to another year of posts! :)

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