Christmas Decorations for your Table...and Mantle!

Yay Christmas! My favorite time of the year for decorating! Even though this blog revolves around recipes I feel that I can get away with putting up pictures of my table decorations since that is after all where we eat. 

This table decoration is for our informal table in the kitchen. I put down a red tablecloth for some color and then added all sorts of fun things in the center. I may try to find a green placemat or something to put underneath everything to anchor the items a bit more. In the center is a Spode Christmas tree footed bowl (adding to the collection!) which is serving as a napkin folder. To the left are the cutest salt and pepper shakers. To the right are some decorative candles. Then some super miniature Christmas trees flank each side. 

Hopefully I'll have a picture of the more formal dining table soon. But have no fear! I have more decorating ideas. Here'a picture of the mantle. Can you guess why it's on the blog?! There are two different ideas here. 

Did you guess?! Now here's a close-up of the mantle and one hint: it's edible (and remember there are two things to find). And, of course, being edible is why I'm featuring it on the blog! 

Did you find ...


One evening while we were decorating Patrick had the assignment "to hang the stockings." I expected him to find some tacs and put them up but he went beyond expectations! He was so clever to think to use candy canes as stocking holders. He just taped them on the mantle with clear mailing tape. So far they're still hanging!

I had seen this idea from Martha Stewart for filling a vase with cranberries and placing flowers in them. The cranberries act as a placeholder so I'm able to use the long-stemmed carnations and baby's breath. I just love the way it turned out. I purchased two large hurricane vases from Pier 1 so I could use them on the mantle and they would have enough presence. 

Do you have other edible decorations throughout your house? 

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