Meal Plan Monday Post

What a relaxing weekend we had! We enjoyed the company of family and friends throughout the week. It's been nice to have a little downtime from the painting demands. We're taking a painting break in May to do some landscaping; the past two weekends we've been prepping the yard and will be adding new mulch and flowers soon. Then we'll be finishing up the last room that needs to be painted! Mostly cooking last week but a few weekend splurges out and about. It's all about moderation.

Meal Plan for Monday May 2 - Sunday May 8

Monday - Turkey spaghetti sauce, salad
Tuesday - Pork egg rolls, crispy edamame, brown rice
Wednesday - Junior League Year End Celebration Picnic
Thursday - Spicy corn cakes with black beans, salad and avocado
Friday - Salmon, honey dijon broccoli and lentil salad
Saturday - Breakfast Biscotti, fruit, yogurt and granola
   Lunch Dame's Chicken and Waffles before a DPAC matinee
   Dinner Crudite platter with beet-walnut dip, gouda, apples, veggies, ranch dip
Sunday - Brunch Cinnamon rolls, sausage patties and scrambled eggs
   Dinner At the baseball game!

It's Always Caturday
Morning snuggles

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  1. As always sounds so good, especially Thursday. I bet you had great weather for the ball game.