Meal Plan Monday Post

Happy May! Yesterday May brought some lingering April showers but some gorgeous sunshine. We spent Saturday in the yard doing some prep work for our upcoming landscaping project. We only have one room to paint in the house but we're putting that on hold so we can have the yard looking just as good as the house. Lots of cooking this week and lots of salads! We're trying to incorporate more plant-based, whole foods into our diets and pondering a vegetarian lifestyle. I also had a successful adventure out to the state farmers market. NC strawberries are coming in by the truckload and I brought us a flat home to dabble in strawberry jam making. Meal plan is below!

One other notable kitchen experiment from the week was making everything from scratch for breakfast one morning - homemade strawberry jam, butter, and bread. Two of the three were hits so that's not bad! As Patrick was consoling my dumpy bread loaf he reassured me that it's not my fault I just don't have the magic touch for getting bread to rise!

Meal Plan for Monday April 25 - Sunday May 1

Monday - Salmon cakes, kale salad with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese
Tuesday - Orzo beet salad with walnuts
Wednesday - Brought a picnic lunch for Patrick at work - Mexican salad
   Dinner Sundried tomato and mushroom fettuccine
Thursday - Tomato, avocado and chickpea salad
Friday - Dinner Club Cookout: bring pigs in a blanket
Fire pit for smores
Saturday - Breakfast Buttermilk pancakes with strawberry jam
   Lunch BLT sandwiches with pineapple
   Dinner Ginger rice with stir fry asparagus and shiitake
Sunday - Breakfast Strawberry biscuits, bacon and eggs
   Lunch Quinoa with sugar snaps and apricot
   Dinner Risotto with beets and greens

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  1. You always amaze me with your menus. And now making everything you had for breakfast!