Meal Plan Monday Post

Oh man, last week was a blog bust. We were tied up with painting the kitchen and writing posts just wasn't a priority. If you're curious the kitchen looked like this the majority of the week:

On Wednesday we were finished with the painting and were able to clean up the paint supplies and move the furniture back into place. This left us with a somewhat functioning kitchen (or at least one where we could easily open the fridge). However we hadn't painted the pantry shelves so the pantry supplies remained on the dining room table for the rest of the week and are actually still there now. Like so: 

As you might can imagine the majority of our meals this past week were eaten out because we weren't able to cook. On Wednesday since the furniture was back in place we were able to prepare a simple baked fish filet and asparagus (both cooked in the oven at the same time) and microwaved a sweet potato. That didn't require much prep or cleanup! 

Patrick was out of town over the weekend for a bachelor party so I asked my mom to come keep me company. Well she kept me company and somehow got our household back in order! She scrubbed the kitchen counters, vacuumed, steam mopped, scraped paint off those kitchen windows, and even painted our pantry shelves so we can reassemble the pantry this week! Since the kitchen still wasn't up to par we ate out some but also managed a few meals in the kitchen. 

Our CSA starts back this week and even though the pantry is still in limbo we'll be back to cooking this week! Here's what we did manage to scrape together this past week:

Meal Plan for Monday April 4 - Sunday April 10

Monday & Tuesday - out
Wednesday - Lemon pepper salmon, roasted asparagus, sweet potato
Thursday - Scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast
   For dinner Mom and I walked to an Italian restaurant at the edge of the neighborhood
Friday - Breakfast Cinnamon rolls from the freezer and fruit
   Dinner Spaghetti and sauteed mushrooms with garlic
Saturday - Breakfast Leftover cinnamon rolls and more fruit
   Dinner Grilled eggplant sandwich, arugula, roasted sweet potato
Sunday - Breakfast Breakfast croissant sandwich
   Dinner Thai turkey chili

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  1. I had so much fun there - work and all! All the food was delicious - the meals out and fixed at home.