Meal Plan Monday Post

The meal plan is a little late this morning - I'm putting it together on Monday morning rather than Sunday evening but (!) this week there are lots of pictures. Spring food is so much more delightful than winter food. A lot of the recipes I linked to were used as inspiration for many of these meals so I'll do my best to get all of these recipes featured on the blog soon with details of what we did.

In other fun news Patrick's mother was visiting this weekend. We had a nice, relaxing weekend doing fun Durham things and chatting all things future Baby Eibl!

Meal Plan for Monday April 18 - Sunday April 24

Monday - Carrot-beet slaw with spinach, cod with lemon butter and capers
Tuesday - Cheesy quinoa casserole with mushrooms and white beans
Wednesday - Pork braise with arugula and orzo
Thursday - Brussels salads with lots of toppings
Friday - Mahi mahi with basil butter, sweet potato casserole, kale salad
Saturday - Breakfast Gulghupf bread and strawberry refrigerator jam
   Lunch Parker & Otis before DPAC matinee
   Dinner Tortellini with asparagus and goat cheese
Sunday - Brunch Frittata, pastry assortment, fruit
   Dinner Fairview Dining Room


  1. I had the cod and the beet salad on my visit and it was wonderful. We also enjoyed eating lunch before DPAC with Marie.

  2. Patrick and Whitney, thank you for being such gracious hosts during my weekend visit. I truly enjoyed the delicious home-cooked meals, as well as our fun outings including the DPAC show and lunch with Charlene and Jimmy. It was great to see all the updates you have made to your home. But the best part was simply sharing the anticipation of your expected new family member. Can’t wait to meet my new grandchild!