Meal Plan Monday Post

It was an interesting week for us on the meal plan front! We had two evenings where we each had different plans to meet friends out. So we made sure to cook the rest of our meals at home with the one exception of picking up Rise donuts on Saturday morning. The donuts were a necessity to fuel us for a weekend of painting! We're knocking one more room off the list - the kitchen! Needless to say having this room out of commission really cramps our living style. Our original plan was to pick up some takeout over the weekend but one of the two meals eaten out was unplanned! I made us a pasta casserole on Friday night that we could warm up throughout the painting adventure.

Meal Plan for Monday March 28 - Sunday April 3

Monday - Corn chowder with scallops
Tuesday - Ham pasta with veggies
Wednesday - Junior League social outing
Thursday - Met friends for dinner
Friday - Asian pork with soba noodles
Saturday - Breakfast of champions! Oatmeal, sausage patties, donuts, banana
   Lunch Leftovers
   Dinner Cheesy pumpkin sauce with tortellini and chicken
Sunday - Breakfast of champions again! 
   Lunch Hearty salads
   Dinner Leftovers

It's Always Caturday
 Dupree taking a comfy nap

In kitty news, both boys needed to make an unscheduled trip to the vet. Nacho was showing signs of a tapeworm so he was dewormed (and Dupree too as a precaution). Then Dupree had a skin irritation that the vet says is a manifestation of allergies. He's on an antibiotic and steroid for the next two weeks to clear everything up. Fortunately for Nacho this was just a one time event but we're afraid Dupree will always suffer from the allergies and we'll have to keep on an eye on him. There's nothing preventative we can do. We had noticed some minor skin irritations before so they could be seasonal and will pass shortly. He came home from the vet and took a nap (above); the skin irritations don't seem to bother him so that's good. He's behaving like his energetic, cuddly self! Also we celebrated their second birthday last week! We are so happy to have them as family members - we couldn't imagine living without our kitties these days.

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  1. That corn chowder and scallops looks delicious!
    Love those cats!