Meal Plan Monday Post

Hello fall! This has got to be the rainiest start to fall ever. I can't believe how many rainy days we've had this past week! We're in the midst of a kitchen table redo and waiting for some nice weather to finish painting and applying a sealer. Lots of cooking last week and a fun evening event. Whitney stayed busy in the kitchen with a bushel of apples (40 pounds) and 12 pounds of green beans! Applesauce, apple and maple jam, and apple butter were all made with the apples and green beans went into a double batch of dilly beans and the rest were blanched for the freezer.

Meal Plan for Monday September 28 - Sunday October 4

Monday - Pork chop leftovers
Tuesday - The South We Eat > the fun evening event! UNC GAA sponsored event at Monuts
Wednesday - Turkeyloaf, stuffed squash
Thursday - Risotto with arugula and roasted delicata squash
Friday - Breakfast for dinner!
Saturday - Breakfast Dinner leftovers
   Dinner Salmon and potatoes; apple crisp for dessert
Sunday - Breakfast Bagels
   Dinner Linguini pasta with clams

It's Always Caturday
Dupree loves curling up in a lap!

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  1. I am so proud of your canning. Can't wait to taste apple and maple jam. Dupree does look peaceful!