Back to Reality

Hi there! In today with a brief rambling update.

Patrick and I were out west this past week. We went to celebrate a friend's wedding and it made a great excuse to do some sight-seeing in the great state of California. Next week I'm planning to recap our California trip starting with Meal Plan Monday! It'll feature a photo collage of all the meals I remembered to take pictures of. The rest of the week will highlight the four cities we visited on our trip and what we did. And our thoughts on roadtripping the Pacific Coast Highway (one tip - drive north not south)!

In other news and blog updates we're getting ourselves ready for a crazy busy fall (hello, another wedding this weekend) and things might be a little bumpy on the blog. Stick with us over the next few months though.

I imagine we might be experimenting some with content and I think things will be more in the moment. Before we left I drafted the recipe posts we had in the draft folder and I only have one left! So come back tomorrow for that and then who knows what on Friday! I've noticed more and more lately that we're remaking thing and have less new recipes to share. I'm also finding the blog is a great way to share my voice and some opinions through the wellness topics so there might be a few more of those. And maybe some days I'll just share pictures of the cats?!

It's Always Caturday
Morning coffee in my robe and two cuddle buddies. 
They've got ten days worth of cuddles stored up and I'm loving it!

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  1. I know the cats missed you! And you missed them, too!