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We celebrated Whitney's birthday on Tuesday, and with me having Monday off for President's Day, one of her birthday requests was that I prepare the meal plan (and write this post of course). Luckily she made things very easy on me; one of last week's meals had slipped to this Monday, and then we were out of town Friday-Sunday, leaving me only three nights to plan. On top of that, the challenge did not really influence the planning.

Week 6: Do not eat any food products that are labeled as “low-fat,” “lite,” “light,” “reduced fat,” or “nonfat.”

The idea here is that if fat is being taken out of your food, it's either being replaced or is just proportionally higher in carbs or something else, so ultimately there is not an overall benefit over the less processed version. We have been following this rule more and more so there wasn't much that we needed to avoid in the refrigerator or pantry.

For Whitney's birthday I made one of her favorites, risotto with scallops. For Tuesday I picked a recipe out of a new cookbook we just got, the Vegetarian entry in the Food Made Fast series. For Thursday I picked a favorite crockpot dish of mine that we haven't had in a while.

Meal Plan for Monday February 16 - Sunday February 22

   Monday Salmon, orange jicama avocado salad
   Tuesday Mushroom risotto with scallops

   Wednesday Wild rice salad
   Thursday crockpot chicken adobo
   Friday-Sunday - visiting friends in Virginia!
   Sunday - leftover chicken pot pie from freezer

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  1. Birthday cake looks wonderful! Happy Birthday again! Scallops look wonderful. We do pretty good with challenge most of the time. Going back to trying new foods. We tried chia seeds after reading your post. We liked on a toss salad. Still have to get the second new food.