LoMo & a snack

Have you heard of a farmers market on wheels? I'm not sure how popular they are in other regions. I imagine they exist elsewhere. Well the Triangle area has a farmers market on wheels - known as the LoMo Market. They've been operating for about two years and are a great resource for neighborhoods. Here's a blog post write up from a local community blog that features LoMo Market. The post has lots of good pictures of the truck itself. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures when we visited because the sun had already set.

The LoMo Market comes to our neighborhood once a week and I really want to start using them more in the next few months before our CSA starts back. They also have more offerings outside of what our CSA does so maybe I will continue to stop by throughout the spring and summer.

We visited this week and purchased eggs from Latta Farms, a loaf of wheat bread from Guglhupf, farmers cheese from Chapel Hill Creamery, and local beets. So much goodness for our taste buds!

After we returned from our LoMo Market adventure we decided to have an appetizer with the bread and farmers cheese. I had some apple butter in the fridge to add to it. Delicious!

Remember to take advantage of what your community offers in terms of supporting local farms!

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  1. This is so interesting. A really nice "perk" for city living. Would like to c it here as well!