Christmas Beer Tasting

Like many folks our age, Whitney and I are craft beer enthusiasts. We enjoy visiting the multiple local breweries, brewpubs, and craft beer stores that have popped up around us in the last several years, and we keep a good rotating selection of old favorites and new beers to try in the fridge. However, all of this craft beer enthusiasm hasn't quite reached every small town in North Carolina, so Whitney decided to bring it to her parents herself with a fun Christmas beer tasting!

Whitney went to The Glass Jug, a wonderful local beer store owned by some of her fellow Carolina alumni, and picked out an eclectic selection of six beers. We then prepared some tasting notes, mostly copied from brewery websites and beer style guidelines. The day after Christmas we had a lot of fun tasting and discussing the different varieties and what breweries they came from. Some (all?) of the beers weren't necessarily hits with the parents, but hopefully there was some educational and entertainment value nonetheless.

The tasting lineup. Check out the notes to learn more!

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  1. The tasting was so much fun. I had no idea there were SO many different kinds. They only brought us 6 to try but educated us on what is out there. My favorite turned out to be the one I thought I would like the least - Framboises Lambic Belgian Raspberry . I would get it again!