Christmas kitchen gifts

We had a few additions to our kitchen over the holidays as well as a few replacements! Here are the gifts at a glance that we're looking forward to using ...

   [Clockwise, from left to right]
Balsamic vinegar - This was a gift for Patrick; he loves his specialty balsamic vinegar for salads and we were running low in the pantry before the holidays. We're looking forward to another visit to Blue Sky Oil & Vinegar which is a local store that specializes in artisan oils and vinegar. 

OXO Good Grips scrub brush - Santa brought this to Patrick because Santa knew our other one was broken and we really enjoy using it to scrub extra dirty dishes.

Stainless steel straws - This was a gift for Patrick; they're intended use was to reduce our usage of plastic straws. They're also great for our fruit smoothies.

OXO Good Grips zester - Santa brought this to Whitney because Santa knew our other one wasn't zesting quite as well as it used to. We were having a hard time zesting citrus fruits with it and it was needing to be replaced.

Pie Crust Bag - This was a gift for Whitney; Patrick knew how much we were enjoying making our own pie crusts but how frustrating rolling out the dough was followed by flour-y clean up. This solved both those problems!

We received quite a few other kitchen gifts from family that we've been using and loving! They range from French place mats to silicone suction lids / bowl covers!

Since we're sharing Christmas gifts thought I could get away
with sharing this family photo from Christmas!
Are you using any fun new gadgets in your kitchen this New Year?

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  1. Got a new wine stopper we have used. I did not know there was such a thing as stainless steel straws. Love the pic!